Why Toothaches Do Not Mean Immediate Extraction

toothacheFor people living in Perth, there are plenty of things to smile about. Living in a wonderful city, a booming economy, thriving residential communities, rich multicultural society, and weather that is as good as it gets are just some of the reasons that would make any Perth local smile. For people suffering from toothaches, however, smiling is easier said than done.

When you start suffering from a toothache, it may be a sign that you have been neglecting your oral health. Some people immediately think about getting the tooth pulled out upon the onset of pain, even if jumping to such conclusions without the advice of a dentist is never a good idea. If you are experiencing a toothache, it can be because of a number of reasons and the answer is not always extraction.

Causes of Toothache

Toothaches are a common dental complaint among children and adults. Even with good dental hygiene, it is still possible to develop a toothache. Toothaches are usually caused by tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth produce acids that break down sugars and attack tooth enamel. The corrosion of tooth enamel exposes nerve endings in your teeth, thus the pain.

Do not be alarmed. A toothache does not immediately warrant an emergency dentist. Perth dental care practitioners suggest determining the problem first before doing anything drastic. Sometimes, you may get toothaches because of a dental abscess, cavities, gum disease, cracked tooth, and sensitive teeth. There are also instances when toothaches are not caused by dental problems at all, such as when there is an issue with the joints hinging the lower jaw of the skull. It can also be an indication of heart disease, or infections in the ear and sinuses.

When to Get an Extraction

Permanent teeth are meant to stay permanent, but there are times when they have to be pulled out. People have to understand that in most cases, tooth extraction is always the last option. It may be the cheapest and easiest alternative, but it is rarely the best long-term technical option. Sometimes, dentists extract teeth because the mouth is simply too crowded for orthodontia. Your dentist may suggest pulling your teeth so that they may be properly aligned. The risk of infection is another instance when you should consider getting an extraction. If tooth decay or damage become so extensive, bacteria in the mouth can enter the pulp and cause the spread of infection.

Toothaches are indications that there is something wrong with your oral hygiene. Dental problems can be easily avoided by regular brushing and regular visits to the dentists. Avoid tooth extractions by observing proper oral care.

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