Breaking Back: 3 Ways Your House is Causing You Back Pains

back painThere’s a 50-50 chance you can be sidelined by back pain within a year.

Your refusal to get off the couch and exercise, and the extra weight you gained from the holidays are the usual culprit. Experts say, though, that even the way your house is laid out can worsen the odds of you hurting your back. Back pain can be chronic unless you do something to change your lifestyle and environment.

Here are some of the sneaky ways your house is giving you back pains, along with some wallet-friendly tips that will get you back in business.

The Wrong Pillows

Everybody has their own preference when it comes to pillows, from the type you want to cuddle with, to the preferred number for your stack. But a pillow (or a stack of it) that’s too high or too flat can leave your neck at an awkward angle.

The cheap fix for this would be a strategic piling of your pillows. A better purchase, however, is a custom sleep aid. Contoured pillows provide special support to the neck and back.

The Wrong Mattress

You spend at least a third of your life in bed. Make sure it’s worth it and that you have the right mattress, because one that’s too soft or too firm may not provide the right spine support.

The quick fix is to firm up your soggy bed, but the better option is to spring for a new mattress. Natural memory foam mattresses are great options. The important thing to remember is that when you try it out, your back should feel relaxed and supported.

A Slouchy Sofa

A soft, fluffy sofa may look relaxing, but get one that is too fluffy and you could hurt your back. Sofas and chairs that lack back support make you slouch. Not only does this hurt your back, it also increases pressure on your spinal disks.

Tuck a throw pillow or something comfortable behind the small of your back so you end up sitting up straight. For money well-spent, get back friendly furniture—those that encourage good posture.

There are a lot of small things that can hurt your back big time. The key is to be conscious about the things you do, and that in whatever you do, your back is comfortable and relaxed.

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