Assessing Different Dental Services

Dental Service PractitionerYou only grow one set of adult teeth in your lifetime. It does not matter how old you are or how much money you have in the bank. Not taking your dental health seriously will cause cavities to develop and makes teeth prone to decay. It is important that you see your local dentist in Hervey Bay, Queensland or wherever it is you may be based.

For a better understanding of the different dental services for various needs, here are the details you should know about:


Periodontists aim to maintain the heath and function of your gums. This area focuses on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of other supporting tissues in your mouth. You may have strong, healthy teeth, but if your gums are weak, everything will have been for nothing.


While periodontics targets the gums, endodontics concentrates on the dental pulp. Endodontists aim to diagnose pulp injuries and diseases in an effort to prevent them from decaying. Such concerns can be caused by weak gums.


Do you have an over- or underbite? Do you think you will look better and be more confident if your teeth are perfectly aligned? If you have problems with malocclusions, orthodontists are who you need. An orthodontic dentist can assess your dentofacial structures and determine problem areas in your teeth and facial bones.


Have you noticed grandma’s missing teeth? Did you know that this can be fixed through prosthodontics? This branch of dentistry restores and maintains appearance and functions of your natural teeth, and replaces missing teeth through implants or dentures. These dental prosthetics can rehabilitate oral effectiveness.

Dental Public Health

Practitioners of dental public health promote oral health through community efforts. Simple oral prophylaxis may be, well, simple, but not everyone has access to this service. A public health dentist will conduct medical drives to assess and maintain the dental health of those in far-flung communities.

Paediatric Dentistry

While public health dentists deal with people from various ages, social, and cultural groups, paediatric dentists prefer to treat kids’ oral and dental problems. Preventive and therapeutic care for infants, toddlers, and adolescents are important as they will carry important oral hygiene habits into adulthood.

Make sure to discuss these areas with your family dentist.

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