How Crash Dieting Can Crush You

crash dietLifestyles have changed dramatically—people love fast food, and smartphones and tablet computers have replaced exercises and other forms of entertainment that require physical engagement.

In the midst of these things, many still desire to maintain their health and more importantly, their physique. But, people want it the easy way. They create shortcuts and resort to blatant cheating. If you don’t believe that this isn’t happening, just look at the endless list of cleansing and crash dieting methods available.

Health and diet experts from Green Gold Nutrition note that oversimplifying your diet has some serious health repercussions. Here are some of them:

Strained Muscles

Crash dieting forces you to resort to detoxification or eat the same set of meals over and over. This habit may help you lose weight, but sometimes, your muscles will be compromised. As you lose weight, you also lose muscle mass. Some diets may burn muscles instead of fats. If you’re practicing the wrong type of diet, you are endangering your kidneys, liver and even the brain.


The wrong type of diet may cause malnutrition, which may take a toll on your bones. Malnutrition increases your chances of having fragile bones, as you get deprived of calories and calcium. The onset of osteoporosis may also manifest earlier.

Disorder in Menstruation

Women who are on a crash diet may experience menstrual disorders. What’s worse is that women may miss their period, even though they’re not expecting. This case is called amenorrhea, which is usually linked to lack or loss of calcium.

Mood Problems

Maybe you’re familiar with the colloquial term “hangry” (hungry + angry). When you’re on a crash diet, you somehow deprive yourself of glucose. The lower the glucose level, the higher level of aggression you may experience. This is according to one study conducted by the Ohio State University.

Crash dieting may be a faster way to lose weight, but it can affect your health in ways you can’t imagine. Consult a dietician to streamline your diet and make it healthier.

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