Breast Augmentation: Are You an Eligible Candidate?

breast augmentationTechnology and science offer great options for those who want to change or improve their physical appearance. Women use different products to look better and attract men. You might have heard about breast augmentation, and you might be thinking of going through it. There are many articles talking about its benefits.

So you decided to try implants, but aren’t sure whether you’re eligible for the procedure or not. Doubts and fear are making you reluctant. Undergoing a breast augmentation procedure is a big decision, so experts recommend doing a lot of research. Read on to find out what you should know and do to become a qualified patient.

Not for Minors

Like smoking, breast implants are not suitable for minors. Forget about the idea if you’re under 18, as plastic surgeons won’t let you undergo such procedure for safety and compliance reasons. Candidates should provide proof of their age during an initial consultation. This is part of a hospital or clinic’s standard operating procedure. You’re an ideal candidate if you’re 18 and above, but you still have to take a few things into account before you undergo a surgery. These include your health condition, your reasons for visiting Tampa clinics for breast implants, and your surgical options.

What Your Health Says about Your Chance

As a potential candidate, you need to disclose information about your previous and current medical condition. This will help your surgeon determine the right surgical option. The doctor will conduct a physical examination to identify risks and choose the treatment that fits your health condition. You need to inform your surgeon about the medications you’re taking or have recently taken, and allergic reactions to certain drugs, if there’s any.

Breast Augmentation at 40

Women aged 40 and above could still go through a breast augmentation procedure. They just have to present a mammogram that will help the surgeon decide whether they’re eligible or not. Many women at this age choose to undergo a surgery to restore volume lost during and after pregnancy.

There’s nothing wrong with trying procedures that promise to improve your appearance or well-being. You just need to gather as much information as possible and be certain about your choice. Your doctor can help you decide on a treatment that will work best for you.

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