Fight Against Ebola Virus: Doctors Who Received Trial Drug Now Recovering

Nurse at Koidu Hospital Sierra LeoneA health minister in Liberia said that three doctors suffering from Ebola have each received doses of an experimental drug, and are now in improving condition.

It is claimed that the patients’ health has improved since given with ZMapp drug.

Hope for a Cure

“Three doctors are currently being administered treatment with the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp. Treatment began on Thursday evening,” said Dr. Billy Johnson, chief medical officer of John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia.

The trial drug was given to Drs. Zukuni Ireland, Abraham Borbor, both from Liberia, and Dr. Aroh Cosmos Izchukwu of Nigeria.

Though the deadly virus has no cure, medical experts took the risk and decided to provide trial drugs to affected people.

Deadliest Virus

Now the worst Ebola outbreak in history, the World Health Organization has agreed that the ZMapp drug can be used in West Africa.

The agency says many health care workers have been infected with Ebola.

The virus began in Guinea and spread to Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

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