Refugees With Cancer Denied Treatment Due To Lack Of Funds

Palestinian_refugeesRefugees with cancer in Jordan and Syria are being denied treatment due to financial issues, medical experts claim.

Lack of Medical Care

In a new study published in Lancet Oncology, however, cancer is a major issue that host countries often difficult to deal with treatments.

The United Nations High Commissioner’s top medical expert, Dr Paul Spiegel, said that decisions on who gets treatment and who does not are made based on available funds.

“Despite help from international organizations and donors to expand health facilities and pay for additional personnel and drugs, it has been insufficient,” Dr Spiegel said in a statement. “The burden has fallen disproportionately on the host countries to absorb the costs.”

Determining Factor

Dr. Spiegel and his team examined the funding applications requested to the UNHCR Exceptional Care Committee (ECC).

Of all 1,989 applications from refugees, about a quarter was for cancer. Only half of these cases were approved and funded.

Dr. Spiegel argued that helping a large number of cancer patients with the limited amount of money is often the determining factor.