Extreme Calorie Counting Leads To Long Life, Study Shows

A new study has revealed the secret to prolonging the lives of monkeys.

 Diet’s link to longevity

Image by mdemon | Wikimedia

Image by mdemon | Wikimedia

 The research, published in the journal Nature Communications, found that monkeys benefited from the Advocates of the Calorie Restriction diet, which severely restricts the number of calories they consume.

Previous studies already proved that restricting the consumption of calories can extend the lifespan of worms and mice. Now, according to the new study, primates, including humans, could also benefit from the regime.

 CR in a long term way in humans

 Despite its benefits to monkeys, a nutritionist argued that more research is still needed to prove that extreme calorie restriction in humans can lead to a long, healthy life.

“The concept is to delve into the biology of ageing and try to understand what’s the basis for increased risk for diseases as you get older and with advanced age,” said lead researcher Dr Rozalyn Anderson of the department of medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “It would be very difficult to implement CR in a long term way in humans.”