Carmat Announces Second Artificial Heart Transplant


Image by rick proser | Wikimedia

French biomedical firm Carmat has announced its plans to continue its experimental artificial heart in another patient, despite the death of the device’s first recipient.

Unknown cause of death

Philippe Pouletty, Carmat co-founder, said the second experiment would depend on finding a suitable patient, adding that the company still had to wait for the results of an analysis of the first trial on a 76-year-old man.

“Currently we don’t know what the patient’s cause of death is, we are doing in-depth analyses before going on to the next implant,” Pouletty explained, as he tries to argue with a theory that a short circuit caused the device to stop working.

Success of artificial heart procedure

Carmate has produced an “artificial heart” device, designed to extend life for terminally ill patients unlikely to be considered for organ donation. It is intended to replace real heart function for a certain period.

The company is still hoping and wouldtest the artificial heart in a total of four patients. If all of them survive for at least one month, the experiment will be considered a success.