New Stem Cell Breakthrough Developed

Researchers developed a new method of making stem cells by purposely putting mature cells under stress.  The scientists were able to use those cells to regenerate various tissues in mice.


stem-cell-breakthroughThese new developments were published in the journal Nature. The study describes the method of taking mature cells from mice and turning them into embryonic-like stem cells. This can be coaxed into becoming any other kind of cell.

Simplest, cheapest, fastest method

Vacanti also said that the studies represent new step in the thriving science of stem cell research. This seeks to develop therapies to repair bodily damage and treat disease by being able to insert cells that can grow into whatever tissues or organs are required.

According to Jeff Karp, associate professor of medicine at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and principal faculty member at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute the method by Vacantiis truly the simplest, cheapest, fastest method ever achieved for reprogramming.