Study: Exercise Does Not Increase Calorie Intake

Despite misconceptions that exercise might make someone want to overeat, new research shows that a tough workout routine won’t make people consume extra calories.

ExerciseOvereating after exercising

It’s a common belief that people increase energy intake in response to exercise, the researchers said. They note, however, that their study proved otherwise. “Overall we found no consistent, compelling evidence that any level of increased physical activity or exercise has any impact on energy intake,” said the researchers.

With health care costs in the headlines these days, it’s important to know if increased exercise can help lower obesity rates.

In a new research review, researchers found that most exercisers don’t overcompensate by eating more than usual after training.

Good news for fitness fans

As Runner’s World explains, this is a good news for people trying to lose weight.

Researchers found that exercisers didn’t increase calorie consumption in relation to a specific type, intensity or duration of exercise or in relation to a host of “participant characteristics including age, gender, weight or physical activity level.”