Battle Against Malaria Slows Down With Fewer Nets Given Out

mosquitoWorld attempts to curb the spread of malaria are slowing down after a drop in funding for purchasing bed nets.  This was based on a report coming from the World Health Organization.  The WHO, for the 2nd year in a row discovered that there was a dramatic decline in the amount of bed nets being given out in order to protect people from the mosquitoes that spread the deadly disease.

Victory Still a Long Way Off

In 2010, about 145 million bed nets were distributed. This number fell to 92 million in 2011 and 70 million in 2012.  Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General said,” Victory over this ancient foe is still a long way off,” Chan said in her report that the WHO has less than half of the $5 billion dollars it requires in order to sustain its malaria campaign. Last month, an international donor temporarily halted purchasing bed nets after two of its top manufacturers got embroiled in a corruption scandal.