Its Shutters For Rice Diet After 70 Years

rice dietThe Rice Diet existed before Atkins, South Beach and Paleo even came into existence. It was a residential weight-loss program that began at the Duke University’s medical center and saw many big celebrities including Shelley Winters, Buddy Hackett and Lorne Greene making pilgrimages to it.

The Rice Diet was built around a regimen of white rice and fruit and during the course of its operation for as many as 70 years became America’s best known weight-loss center. It even split from Duke to stand on its own over a decade ago.

The Decline

However, in recent years, Rice Diet saw the number of customers tapering off owing to popularization of other diet programs and surgical methods of treating obesity. Attempts were made to resurrect the brand, but it had to down its shutters ultimately in November.

Since then, Dr. Robert Rosati, the owner has been unable to come to a sale agreement with three prospective buyers and hence the center remains closed even now.