Surgeons Shrink Indian Child’s Head

headA surgical procedure saved the life of a girl named Roona Begum, whose skull had stretched to three times the average size of a baby.

Surgery funded by donations

The 18-month-old Roona was diagnosed with an extreme form of hydrocephalus, a disorder that causes cerebral fluid to build up in the rain. Doctors had given her just a few months to live.

“Day-by-day, her head started growing bigger, she stopped wanting to eat, she would just lie in bed, it became very difficult for us to carry her and take her anywhere,” says Roona’s father Abdul Rehman.

Roona’s head grew to 94 centimeters, which is almost triple the size of a normal baby.

There were ten liters of excess fluid inside her brain,the reason her head was so heavy that she could barely move.

Relief of parents

Hydrocephalus is a condition caused by overproduction or lack of absorption of the cerebral fluid in the brain.

The skin of Roona’s head has stretched so far, it pulled her eyelids over her eyes, making it impossible for her to see.

Roona’s mother, Fatima Begum, would draw eyebrows on her with black kohl everyday just to try to make her look normal.

After five surgeries, Roona’s head is now down to 58 centimeters, small enough to allow her to live a reasonably normal life.